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Global Eco-Tech Endura-Flex

For the best performance and application - 100% vs Polyurethane Linings

GLOBAL ECO-TECHNOLOGIES produces the ENDURA-FLEX® and the ENDURA-TUF® (ET-2000) PROCESS, For over 30+ years, the solvent-free, 100 percent solids Solvent-Free Coatings (0% VOC), liquid polyurethane coating have been used to protect buried pipelines, deteriorated asphalt, concrete pavement, to resurface acid-deteriorated concrete, and to surface earthen, asphalt, and concrete containment areas. NSF versions are available. 


These systems resist embrittlement caused by U.V. exposure. They provide excellent chemical inertness, flexibility, and abrasion resistance. Based on project requirements, the systems can be applied in thicknesses varying from less than one millimeter (40 mils) to in excess of 15 centimeters (six inches).

The ET-2000 is a patented application whereby licensed applicators inject a controlled amount of inert solid reinforcement filler into the cross-linking materials to form a dense, impact-resistant polyurethane composite system for areas such as drum storage, vehicular traffic, tank bottoms, and secondary containment areas.

ECOSYSTEM® is a patented process used for the protection of exposed aggregate in extremely deteriorated concrete.  Pinhole-free applications are possible without primers using this technology by closing off pinholes with multi-pass spray applications and allowing the cellular product to encapsulate displaced air.

There are extensive case histories available showing large project applications with major facility owners showing coating performance in excess in excess of 20+ years without coating failures.


These projects include new construction and some very challenging repair and maintenance ones. Applicators must possess the proper equipment and personnel for the applications and must be pre-trained and qualified by the manufacturer.  


A list of prequalified and experienced national contractors is available. In addition, Laborde Tech can supply formal project specifications and NACE Certified Coating Inspectors to monitor, document, and ensure a quality application.


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