Corrosion Never Sleeps!


About Us


LABORDE COATING ADVISORS (Houston, TX) provides technical expertise and resources related to the prevention of corrosion and degradation using specialized industrial coatings and linings. We offer a variety of tailored services to the Oil/Gas (Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream), Wastewater/Water, Bridge/DOT, Offshore, Workboat, and OEM segments.

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Technical Services

  • Corrosion/coating condition surveys of existing structures.

  • Providing outsourced SME (materials, corrosion, coatings).

  • Preparation of project coating specifications (general industrial, tank linings, containment linings, specialty systems).

  • Project planning and management.

Specifications Matter

Laborde also provides consultation services to coating-related manufacturers to aid in the selection and inclusion of coating systems into engineering specifications. This includes system submittals, field testing, and product roll-out.  


Application Support

Lastly, Laborde aids coating manufacturers and facility owners in the identification, selection, and training/qualification of coating applicators.  Certain coating types and manufacturers will only allow their products to be applied by prequalified or licensed applicators. Laborde works with these entities to assure that the systems are properly applied.  Inspection serviced by industry-trained and certified personnel is available.


Coating Types & Application Systems:

  • Brownfield Projects – vapor barriers and containment – spray applied and geotextile reinforced lining and membrane systems

  • Pipeline – spray-applied rock shielding and internal linings

  • Extreme Exposure – elevated temperature, chemical, and process exposures

  • Corrosion & Degradation of Construction Substrates – Ferrous & Non-ferrous metals, concrete, fiberglass

  • Humidity & Dewpoint Tolerant Systems

  • Surface Tolerant Protective Coatings

  • Tank Linings – Petroleum & Chemical

  • Pressure Vessels – high temperature & chemical resistant linings

  • Subsea Applications

  • Secondary Containment – acid-resistant concrete, cementitious repair polymers and chemical resistant linings

  • Elevated Temperatures – high heat, intumescent fireproofing

  • Bridge & DOT Systems

  • Commercial Roofing – spray applied, new and replacement systems