Coating & Technologies

Available Coatings & Technologies

  • 100% VS Polyurethane Linings

  • Chemical & Petroleum Resistant Tank Linings

  • Cementitious Polymers, Acid-resistant concrete, Mortars, Grouts & Fillers

  • Moisture-Cured Urethanes

  • Surface Tolerant Coatings

  • Rapid Cure Systems

  • FG Reinforced Tank Linings

  • Environmental & Secondary Containment Membranes

  • Fireproofing & Insulative Coatings

  • Protective Coatings

  • Specialized Surface Preparation

  • Specialized Equipment Systems


All specifications, case histories and data are verified and supported by the manufacturer.  Our comittment is to always represent the best interest of the client. Contact Laborde Tech for details.