Discover how this ecologically-friendly process can almost double the life expectancy of your lining system for a small incremental cost!

GLOBAL ECOTECHNOLOGIES Advanced Chemically Crosslinking 100% Urethane Linings (0 VOC, No HAPS)

The ECOSYSTEM® expansion process adds new dimensions for coatings through versatile and cost-effective use of readily available liquid, chemically cross-linking 100 percent solids polyurethane.

The ECOSYSTEM® patented process allows greater application opportunities and cost savings versus other types of urethane coating/lining systems. This process creates materials that can be deposited into a mold or onto a surface to create a non-stressed, expanded closed cell, light weight, seamless monolithic condition. This process enhances thermal properties, improves insulation and impact resistance without sacrificing chemical resistance.

Quality Applicators: Discover how to qualify and benefit from becoming a certified and licensed applicator for this advanced lining technology!

Ecosystem applications are restricted to GET Licensed Applicators. Interested customers should contact us for a list of prequalified and licensed applicators.

Interested applicators should contact GET or LABORDE to learn more about the approval process.