Advanced 100% Urethane Lining Application by Global EcoTechnologies

EF-RBU is a member of Ecosystem® patented gas injection systems. It produces verifiably improved performance properties which have been shown to have superior barrier performance characteristics when compared to polymer films provided from other methods.

For External, Buried and Immersed Applications

  • RBU is designed for long term protection of buried or immersed steel pipes.

  • RBU may be adjusted for applied films direct-to-steel at traditional pipe mill thin film thicknesses for "general use".

  • It can also be applied at much thicker films when service requirements are more demanding as might be found in:​​​

  •  freeze-thaw exposures

  •  tidal zones and marshy areas

  •  slip bore applications

  •  aggressive back-fill operations

  •  rough terrain

  •  wastewater, saltwater applications

  •  use in in-plant or field applications

  •  adheres over fusion-bonded epoxies

  •  subsea installations

RBU is a fluid applied, rapid setting, solvent-free, VOC-free, HAPS-free polyurethane coating recognized and tested for its superior hydrolytic stability and tough flexible barrier film properties which can be used on the exterior or interior surfaces of steel or concrete pipe. Application is restricted to GET Licensed Applicators.