System Offerings:

  • Spray-Applied Linings (Concrete & Steel)

  • Removeable Containments (Rapid Install & Removal)

  • Permanent Containments (Rapid Install)

  • Cementitious Polymers (Concrete Underlayment Repair)

ENDURA-FLEX ® (Spray-Applied)

  • EF-1988 (Water/Wastewater)

  • EF 1990 (Petro Exposures)

Endura-Flex offers superior applications and cost advantages over any

other 100% polyurethane lining products in the industry.  

  • 30+ Year Proven Track Records & Case Histories with Major Clients

  • For Concrete & Steel Substrates

  • Apply over rough concrete with no need for troweled epoxy filler

  • From 40 DMFT to 6000 DMFT (6 Inches) in a single coat

  • For Wastewater, Water, & Potable Water (NSF Approved)

  • For Secondary Containment (Oil/Energy)

  • For High Impact and Abrasion

  • For Internal & External Applications (Linings)

  • Reinforced Pipeline Shield Version available (RBU)

  • For Chemical Resistance

  • Case Histories are available!

  • Available in limited colors (Buff, Black, Gray, Red)

  • Technical advantages versus competitor systems. 

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