Polymer Cements, Mortars & Linings


For over 100 years, Sauereisen has been an industry leader in engineered systems for chemical immersion, flue gas, flooring, and secondary containment. See below for additional detail and please contact us for help.


Chemical & Petrochemical Processing

Sauereisen’s diverse line of corrosion-resistant materials stands up to the extreme temperatures, pH levels and physical abuse that are commonly found in chemical and petrochemical facilities.


Whether these facilities need protection for secondary containment, flooring, immersion, or flue gas environments, Sauereisen has an inclusive product offering to provide the necessary protection and security. Our products have stood up to the challenges in acid plants, refineries, steel pickling lines and precious metals facilities worldwide.

Secondary Containment & Flooring

Sauereisen materials enable the environmental compliance of foundational infrastructure. Impervious, non-leaching barriers prevent asset vulnerability beneath piping, pumps, and elevated vessels.


Few conditions are more chronically aggressive than tank-lining applications. Whether the substrate is concrete or steel, it is critical to properly address surface preparation, adhesion, and permeability issues of a protective system. Sauereisen’s engineered solutions have an excellent track record in maintaining:

• Sulfur pits

• Clarifiers

• Process tanks

• Chemical storage

• Effluent channels & water treatment

Flue Gas

Stacks and ducts offer primary applications for Sauereisen materials. Exhaust gases containing chlorides, sulfates, and fluorides pose a

a direct threat to the walls of several structures including:

• Cracker stacks

• Ducts of process heaters

• Power boiler stacks and FGD systems



Sauereisen is the most widely known international company to supply corrosion-resistant coatings, mortars and gunitable refractory linings for flue gas applications in the power industry.


For more than half a century, our cost-effective, corrosion-resistant materials have provided solutions for power plants and their various components where the infrastructure would otherwise be threatened by corrosion. Our diverse product line includes potassium silicate, novolac epoxy, vinyl ester and urethane formulations engineered to meet the challenges of each operating environment.


As power stations enhance facilities to meet environmental regulations, Sauereisen is the single source for corrosion-resistant materials and engineered solutions for:

• Stack Liners

• Stack Floors

• Ducts

• Cooling Towers

• Water Treatment

• Secondary Containment



Sauereisen polymer concrete is a heavy-duty castable used in the mining and precious metals refining industries. These products provide impressive physical strength, abrasion resistance, and very low permeability. Polymer concrete can be an economical alternative to brick when project conditions call for a long-lasting system that is easy to install.


For applications subject to the highest concentrations of acid, a silicate-based material is available. Other formulations for more broad chemical exposure and even higher strength include epoxies, vinyl esters, and novolac hybrids of each.

Pulp & Paper


Corrosive chemicals, hot liquids, and abrasion all can take their toll on tile vessels in pulp and paper plants. The extreme environment within this industry creates an ever-present threat to vulnerable equipment, as well as a challenge to meet demands for continuous high-volume operations.


Sauereisen's Fast-Trak linings and coatings can restore compromised tile chests in a way that requires minimal repointing of mortar joints. The Sauereisen approach to tile vessel rehabilitation starts with a fiber-reinforced polymer lining. It is used to seal the substrate with relatively little surface preparation.


Sauereisen's linings offer a dramatically reduced downtime for tank or clarifier rehabilitation in the pulp and paper industry. Our products not only fix the problem, but also help to prevent additional material failures.