Reinforced Urethane Coating System

Advanced 100% Urethane Lining Application (0 VOC, No HAPS)

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ENDURA-TUF® ET-2000 is a patented process using reinforced 100 percent solids, solvent-less, multi-component composite materials designed to more fully utilize the Ecosystem® technology, to include the injection of solid filler components. 

Each additive yields different physical properties at densities exceeding the solid resin materials.

  • Chopped Fiberglass

  • Ground Rubber

  • Ground Glass

  • Others per application

ET-2000 process with select graded silica sand was developed to offer high density products as chemical resistant, protective, or secondary containment lining systems for areas requiring a high-compressive strength (impact resistance), such as drum storage, forklift, vehicular, or heavy equipment traffic and adhere very well to concrete, wood, asphalt, and metal surfaces.

ET-2000 process utilizes a pressure vessel (blast pot) for the injection of fillers at the spray nozzle, eliminating abrasive pump wear. The number of fillers being injected into the spray applied material can be regulated on an "as needed" basis for density control.

ET-2000 process allows GET licensed contractors to spray apply Endura-Flex® materials with high loads of fillers onto substrates that have been traditionally "uncoatable."


ET-2000 process gives a continuous, uniform, and instantaneous blend of composite materials, increasing production rates and decreasing manpower requirements normally associated with hand-mixed and hand-applied epoxy composite systems.