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Privacy Policy & Conflict of Interest

The mission of Laborde Tech is to help our clients protect their facilities from corrosion, degradation, and chemical exposures.  We accomplish this by providing professional services, consultative project solutions, and technologically advanced products and systems. We understand that information used in project planning and engineering efforts contains potentially sensitive information and we protect it.


Laborde Tech is committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and maintaining confidentiality.  We have strong internal protocols to limit the use of and access to data during each stage of our projects and to protect it from dissemination to others.  Likewise, any subconsultants and subcontractors we may work with also have strict confidentiality policies. Laborde Tech will continue to maintain and update our protocols as data sources and legislation continue to evolve.


Except where any specific provision is superseded by contract between you and Laborde Tech, the following describes the Laborde Tech policies on the collection, use, disclosure, and protection of the information you may provide when you use our websites, communicate with us verbally or over the web, or use our web-related services or work products. Even if any specific provision is superseded, the rest will remain effective.

Information Collected and Used by Laborde Tech

Laborde Tech may collect, and may store, your information. We use that information to comply with our legal obligations, perform work and provide web-related services and work products, fulfill client’s requests, improve our services, engage in research and analysis relating to our services and work products, track usage of our websites and web-related services and work product, provide client support, message clients, provide security for our services and web-related work products, back up our systems, and prepare for disaster recovery.


We may store and use information that you provide in establishing your account with Laborde Tech, including your full name, email addresses, and any other information you may provide. You may modify some of this information through your account settings. Please contact Laborde Tech immediately if you believe that someone has created an unauthorized account using your information.



This site uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your machine to help the site provide a better user experience. We use cookies to retain your user preferences, store information for things logged in areas, and to provide anonymized tracking data to third party applications such as Google Analytics. If you do not want cookies to be set in your browser, you can change your browser’s cookie settings to reflect your preferences. Otherwise, you agree to our use of cookies as they are currently set.


Information Shared with Third Parties

Some third parties may receive your information that Laborde Tech collects under the following circumstances:



Laborde Tech may share your information with those manufacturers who are providing your organization with their technology and products. If this is the case, they will agree to honor this Privacy Policy.


Content Partners

Laborde Tech may allow its third-party partners to use and display some of the public content you provide for public consumption, such as your photos, reviews, and other information you may potentially upload.

Service Providers

Laborde Tech relies on the services of third-party providers to support or provide some parts of the services, such as communications, web hosting, network security, our own marketing of the Service, and others. In doing so, we may share your information with these third-party providers. These third-party providers may also share your information with us that they obtain in the process of providing their services. They may in turn share this information with their subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other affiliates. Some of the web pages created by Laborde Tech will utilize framing techniques to serve content from third-party providers. In such cases, Laborde Tech will provide your information to third-party providers. Each service provider is required to comply and abide by strict standards of confidentiality and professionalism.


Information Retained After Termination of Service Agreement

Laborde Tech may retain your information even after our Service Agreement with you (if any) is terminated for the purposes authorized under this Privacy Policy unless prohibited by law. For example, we may retain information to comply with warranty work, system performance, and legal obligations.



Laborde Tech uses commercially reasonable efforts to maintain various safeguards to protect your information as well as any personal information provided to us, during its transmission and after it is received. However, we of course cannot guarantee total safety because no such safeguard can be 100% secure.



You may contact Laborde Tech concerning these Privacy Policies and Security Terms at the following address:


Email: info@labordetech.com



Laborde Tech may revise these policies from time to time. Our relationship with you is governed by the most current version of these policies. Laborde Tech will notify you by email about any material changes to these policies before the effective date of the changes. By continuing to access or use our websites or web-based services or to communicate with us through the internet even after such changes, you agree to these policies as revised.


Conflict of Interest

Laborde Tech takes any conflict or potential conflict of interest in our work and our relationships with our clients very seriously. We are therefore committed to:


  1. Endeavor to identify potential sources of conflict of interest before we agree to accept a project;

  2. Acknowledge, disclose, and endeavor to resolve actual and apparent conflicts of interest once identified; and

  3. Reject all work in which an unresolved actual or apparent conflict of interest is identified.


Licensed Videos, Tools, and Data



Laborde Tech makes certain demonstration videos and tools available to the public free of charge to foster discussions and growth in the subject matter within the discipline and industry. By accessing the videos and tools, you agree to the following:



Laborde Tech shall retain all rights, titles, and interests in the videos and tools and its content, as well as all inventions, improvements, discoveries, methodologies, models, formats, software, algorithms, processes, procedures, designs, specifications, findings, other intellectual properties developed, gathered, compiled or produced by Laborde Tech in developing the videos and tools, or which is otherwise incorporated in the videos and tools. Laborde Tech grants you only a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free, license for intended USE.



Review, promote, use, disclose, evaluate for functionality to demonstrate capabilities only, and make derivatives from the videos and tools or output of the tools and videos.



You use the videos and tools at your own risk. Laborde Tech makes no promise and gives no guaranty regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or functionality of the videos and tools. The videos and tools should not be used in the performance of your professional services or for any other purpose. Laborde Tech does not assume responsibility for any impact that the use of the videos and tools may have on your or any third party’s operational environment or CPU performance. Laborde Tech does not promise that the videos and tools, the Laborde Tech server, or other electronic, digital, computing, or communication system, is free of bugs, viruses, Trojan horses, or other harmful, unlawful, or malicious materials. Laborde Tech may change the data, functionality, interface, or availability of the videos and tools at any time in its sole discretion, but Laborde Tech does not promise to update or debug the videos and tools.


The videos and tools and any associated documentation are made available “as is,” without any warranty of any kind. There is no warranty that the videos and tools or documentation will meet your expectations or requirements, or that the operation of the videos and tools will be uninterrupted or error-free, or that the Videos and tools will function as described in the documentation. Laborde Tech disclaims all express or implied warranties, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, or infringement. In no event will Laborde Tech have any liability to you or any other party for any losses or damages you may suffer directly or indirectly, or for any expense or costs you may incur, in connection with the use of the Videos and tools. Laborde Tech shall have no liability to you or any other party for lost data, lost profits, business interruption, time, money, goodwill, and any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages, whether in contract, tort, strict liability, or otherwise, arising out of the use or inability to use the Videos and tools, even if you have advised Laborde Tech of the possibility of such loss or damages. Your sole and exclusive remedy shall be to terminate the use of the Videos and tools.


Terms of Service

In accessing Laborde Tech’ website, server, or on the videos and tools, you agree not to:


  1. access any other website or web content through Laborde Tech’ server;

  2. decompile, or reverse engineer any portion of the Videos and tools or any other content on Laborde Tech’ server;

  3. attempt unauthorized access to the videos and tools, Laborde Tech’ server, or any other content, on Laborde Tech’ server, or in any way interfere with their access control devices, integrity, or performance;

  4. perform load, technical security, or other vulnerability testing on any content on Laborde Tech’ server other than the videos and tools;

  5. store, transmit, or produce libelous, slanderous, lewd or lascivious, viruses, Trojan horses, or other harmful, unlawful, or malicious materials;

  6. violate any person’s privacy rights, access information of or on any person, or determine the person’s identity or location;

  7. violate any intellectual property rights; or

  8. mass download or batch data.

Laborde Tech does not sell personal information.