About Laborde Tech

With over 100 years of combined world-class projects and experiences with major domestic and international organizations and projects, LABORDE is positioned to provide expert solutions focused on corrosion-mitigation products and equipment systems.


Our offerings include:

  • Advanced 100% Volume Solids Polyurethane Linings

  • Advanced Protective Coatings & Linings

  • Pipeline Coating Systems

  • Rapid Installation Secondary Containment Systems

Qualifications & Experience

Our team consists of senior coating, materials and construction experts that possess years of experience, education, certifications and training. 

Technical Support from Manufacturers

In addition, we have the technical resources of individual Manufacturers available to assist us.

Support for Facility Owers & Operators

We deliver value to facility owners & operators, engineering and architectural consultants we work with by showing the improved performance, time and cost savings of using these advanced systems. We review and rewrite specifications to suit the needs of  the project and the exposures encountered.

Support for Applicators & Contractors

Applicators and contractors utilize our services to help get the project completed. This include technical support and access to the information and tools that we can deliver.

Support for Manufacturers

LABORDE helps specialty B2B industrial coatings, lining and equipment manufacturers share their product knowledge and expertise, and thereby expand their market presence. We pursue inclusion in project specifications and serve as an intermediary between the manufacturer, contractors/applicators and the facility owners/operators.