Corrosion | Coatings | Containment

Laborde markets advanced protective coatings, linings, and equipment systems used to combat corrosion and protect construction substrates in industrial new construction and maintenance. Our experts and technologies protect concrete and steel structures from harsh chemicals, impact/abrasion, temperature, cavitation, and weathering. 


We support facility owners, operators, and contractors in developing specifications, application solutions, and addressing their corrosion-mitigation needs. Our manufacturers, technical experts and systems support the Water/Wastewater, Marine, Offshore, Petrochemical, Pipeline, and other Industrial Segments.


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Coating & Linings​​

  • 100% Polyurethane Linings

  • Moisture-Cured Urethanes

  • Surface Tolerant Coatings

  • Rapid Cure Systems

  • Containment Coatings & Membranes

  • Pipeline Coating Systems

  • Maintenance/Steel Repair Polymers

  • Cementitious Polymers

  • Acid-resistant Concrete

  • Chemically-resistant Mortars, Grouts & Fillers

  • Chemical & Petroleum Resistant Linings

  • FG Reinforced Linings

  • Environment & Vapor Barriers

  • Fireproofing & Insulative Coatings


Specialty Equipment Systems

  • Extreme Corrosion Camera Systems

  • Explosion-Proof Camera Systems

  • Extreme Temperature Camera Systems (4000 Deg F for Furnaces & Boilers)

  • Specialized Surface Treatments & Preparation