Is your industrial or marine facility adequately protected from corrosion and degradation?  Corrosion and material breakdown is a process that can only be delayed by the proper use of specialized materials, protective coatings, linings, and membranes.  This proper usage is based on knowledge, available technologies, and experience.


Laborde Tech's mission is to address these issues and problems in a most professional way with subject matter experts, advanced technology coatings & linings, and advanced inspection equipment technologies. We provide real-world solutions for ferrous & non-ferrous metals, fiberglass, and concrete substrates.


Laborde Tech is a specialized company that possesses over 100+ years of combined experience in corrosion mitigation, coatings, and industrial contracting, Our services include facility/site surveys by experienced personnel and the use of drones and internal inspection robotics.  


We develop workable strategies on how exposures and problems should be addressed, understanding and presenting real-world trade-offs. Laborde Tech also represents a select number of advanced specialty coating and lining manufacturers that have proven histories and tailored made solutions for your particular situation. We also work with and are familiar with solutions and systems from all of the major coating and lining manufacturers.

Monitoring, Inspection, and Surveys

  • Bass Electronics - specialized industrial camera systems, furnace & boilers cameras (to 4000 deg F.), explosion-proof cameras, corrosion-resistant cameras

  • G.A.S. Aerial Drones - tank interior Inspections, external site surveys, and provide documentation.

  • Zenith Robotic Internal Inspection - vertical inspections & documentation Material Subject

  • Advisory Services by Materials Engineers, SME, NACE III CIP, NDT - conduct facility surveys, wiring of coating specifications, and project consultation.

Protective Coatings, Chemical Lining and Membranes

  • Global EcoTechnologies 100% vs Urethane Lining Systems - high-build sprayed lining solutions with case histories over 30 years.

  • Wasser Moisture-Cured Urethane Coatings - advanced systems that can be applied at 99% RH, with no Dew Point restrictions. 30-year proven case histories and systems.

  • Sauereisen Cementitious Polymer Cements, Mortars, Acid Resistant Gunite. Advanced solutions from a 127-year-old leader in cementitious systems.

Laborde Tech is actively engaged with facility owners, engineering, design, and contracting firms.  Contact us to find out how our experience and technology deliver ROI.  We look forward to your call.