Corrosion | Coatings | Containment

Laborde Tech provides expert advisory services, products, and systems that help facilities protect concrete and steel structures from corrosion and degradation. This includes harsh chemicals, impact/abrasion, temperature, cavitation, and weathering exposures. 


We service and support the Water/Wastewater, Marine, Offshore, Petrochemical, and Pipeline, Segments. This includes new construction, maintenance, containment, and turnaround projects. 


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Coating & Linings​​

  • 100% Polyurethane Linings

  • Moisture-Cured Urethanes

  • Surface Tolerant Coatings

  • Rapid Cure Systems

  • Containment Coatings & Membranes

  • Pipeline Coating Systems

  • Maintenance/Steel Repair Polymers

  • Cementitious Polymers

  • Acid-resistant Concrete

  • Chemically-resistant Mortars, Grouts & Fillers

  • Chemical & Petroleum Resistant Linings

  • FG Reinforced Linings

  • Environment & Vapor Barriers


Specialty Equipment Systems

  • Extreme Corrosion Camera Systems

  • Explosion-Proof Camera Systems

  • Extreme Temperature Camera Systems (4000 Deg F for Furnaces & Boilers)

  • Specialized Surface Treatments & Preparation

  • Application Systems

  • Ventilation Systems

  • OEM Solutions